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Made in USA – Caution!


Knowing how many American folk read this blog, I’d better not make any smart remarks. But I’m tempted!

Found this label on our swivelling armchair. Classic.


Stupid Signage 1

Stupid Signage 1 - Fox Moth Catapillar

yay catapillar woohoo lets al speil like five yeer olds

There was one other thing I saw in Peatlands Park today: this weatherbeaten information board designed by someone who couldn’t spell “caterpillar”. C’mon Peatlands, you can do better than that!

I have another Stupid Signage from my living room lined up, so this might turn into a little series – yay! But I’m promised myself to do at least one nature post between every post that takes the excret out of life, labels or signposts.