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‘Twas Aprillig

I’ll let the slithy toves do the gyring and gimbling. Here are some photos from my weekend jabberwocking.

Our front garden

Kiss my tulips.


Hebrew Character (released from trap), 1 Apr 2012

I put the trap out again over Saturday night and got another two Hebrew Characters, both fresh specimens, and both actually inside the trap!


Speckled Wood, Murlough, 1 Apr 2012

My first Speckie of the year, in Murlough on Sunday.


Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Apr 2012

Finally - a decent Small Tort photo. None of this faffing around in trees business.


Shoulder Stripe, Murlough, 1 Apr 2012

I had my net with me this time when I went dusking in Murlough, and found a few of this species: Shouder Stripe. A new tick for me. Double-striped Pugs as well... all the Stripes.


Mother of Pearl or Small Magpie caterpillar (captive, project 13A), 1 Apr 2012

Ah yes. As well as Lesley, I've got a nettle leafroller that I'm keeping inside as well. It's most likely Mother of Pearl, but possibly Small Magpie.


2012 MOTHS: 6, 2L
  2012 new ticks: 4
  life list: 140 

Species study 13, project B: unidentified Pyralid


Last Saturday I went running up into the hills around Belfast – and oh JOY!! Butterflies – four new species for the year. I saw 4 Green-veined Whites, 15 Orange-tips (coolio!), 4 Small Tortoiseshells, 2 Peacocks and finally on the way back, a Speckled Wood. You’ve seen the Small Tort; I didn’t get a photo of the Speckie – but here are the other three (guess which is which!)

14.4.11 Green-veined White female

14.4.11 Orange Tip male

14.4.11 Peacock