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April goes out with a bang

While England are suffering torrential downpours and floods (sadly claiming the life of a driver today – my heartfelt sympathies), Northern Ireland had a scorcher today and I had a walk in the park. A dander up the road to my old primary school, Forth River, produced a Holly Blue – very nice indeed – along with the usual Orange-tips and Varicose Veins (!) patrolling the verge.

With no camera I had to make field sketches of some tiny moths, only 5mm long, that I found in Glencairn Park a while later. Happy to say my Art GCSE served me well – the drawings were good enough for me to be able to identify them as three Grapholita jungiella (Vetch Piercer). A very pretty moth (as well as a new tick) that I will be keeping an eye out for next time I’m there with a camera!

Grapholita jungiella brings my 2012 list to 9
and my British life list to 139



Orange-tip male, Glencairn Park, 10 Apr 2012


As I walked up the road through Glencairn Park this morning, I agonised about the cool breeze; braced myself for disappointment; tried to convince myself that I could still have a nice walk without butterflies…

No need to worry. The Orange-tip was braver than I was. It fluttered down the lane towards me, felt the wind then settled on a nettle. Kneeling down, ignoring the stings of the nettles, I said hello.

Orange-tip male, Glencairn Park, 10 Apr 2012

Bracing himself against the wind...

Orange-tip male, Glencairn Park, 10 Apr 2012


Orange-tip brings my year list to…

Odds and ends

Here’s that Green Hairstreak from May 2nd – thwarting my efforts to get a really decent photo, but nonetheless…

2.5.11 Green Hairstreak

And I hope I may be forgiven for not yet posting a photo of the beeeeeyutiful Small Copper…

28.5.11 Small Copper

Oh, and remember those 100 Orange Tip eggs I counted on May 7th?

7.5.11 Orange Tip eggs

Well, they’re well on their way to being next year’s butterflies!

28.5.11 Orange Tip caterpillar and eggs

With my first day of GCSE exams under my belt, I’ll take the opportunity to share a few more photos.  I was delighted to find, that with the cotoneaster plants in bloom again in my garden, the moths were beginning to pay visits. This is the first one – an Angle Shades moth – one of which I reared from a caterpillar last year (I fed it rose leaves but it probably eats lots of other stuff).

6.5.11 Angle Shades moth

I’ve also been out running again in Glencairn Park, and found this male Orange Tip while I was counting this species’ eggs (over 100!) With it being cold, he wasn’t for going far, and I got him on my finger – magic!

7.5.11 Orange Tip male

And finally, in sunshine the next day, I found a Réal’s Wood White, which I didn’t realise were so close to home!

8.5.11 Réal's Wood White

Oh, and I saw my first Small Whites of the year – no photos though!


Last Saturday I went running up into the hills around Belfast – and oh JOY!! Butterflies – four new species for the year. I saw 4 Green-veined Whites, 15 Orange-tips (coolio!), 4 Small Tortoiseshells, 2 Peacocks and finally on the way back, a Speckled Wood. You’ve seen the Small Tort; I didn’t get a photo of the Speckie – but here are the other three (guess which is which!)

14.4.11 Green-veined White female

14.4.11 Orange Tip male

14.4.11 Peacock