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April goes out with a bang

While England are suffering torrential downpours and floods (sadly claiming the life of a driver today – my heartfelt sympathies), Northern Ireland had a scorcher today and I had a walk in the park. A dander up the road to my old primary school, Forth River, produced a Holly Blue – very nice indeed – along with the usual Orange-tips and Varicose Veins (!) patrolling the verge.

With no camera I had to make field sketches of some tiny moths, only 5mm long, that I found in Glencairn Park a while later. Happy to say my Art GCSE served me well – the drawings were good enough for me to be able to identify them as three Grapholita jungiella (Vetch Piercer). A very pretty moth (as well as a new tick) that I will be keeping an eye out for next time I’m there with a camera!

Grapholita jungiella brings my 2012 list to 9
and my British life list to 139



The Northern Irish Summer has hit us – hazy blue skies sending temperatures soaring into the 20s. I was in Lisburn on Friday for a student conference, and during my lunch break a small dark shape flitted from the river over my head, and over the rooftops.

A Small Tortoiseshell, my first butterfly of the year.

Another two Small Torts entered my records in College Square East the next day, from where I was leaving on a school CU retreat to Castlerock on the North Coast.

Small Tortoiseshell, 24 Mar 2012

Spot the Butterfly!

Castlerock Strand

Castlerock Strand

When we arrived back at school I got quite a surprise. Where there had been Small Torts before, there was one very early male Green-veined White, sunning itself on a juniper bush.

Ahh. My summer has begun!


Last Saturday I went running up into the hills around Belfast – and oh JOY!! Butterflies – four new species for the year. I saw 4 Green-veined Whites, 15 Orange-tips (coolio!), 4 Small Tortoiseshells, 2 Peacocks and finally on the way back, a Speckled Wood. You’ve seen the Small Tort; I didn’t get a photo of the Speckie – but here are the other three (guess which is which!)

14.4.11 Green-veined White female

14.4.11 Orange Tip male

14.4.11 Peacock