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Odds and ends

Here’s that Green Hairstreak from May 2nd – thwarting my efforts to get a really decent photo, but nonetheless…

2.5.11 Green Hairstreak

And I hope I may be forgiven for not yet posting a photo of the beeeeeyutiful Small Copper…

28.5.11 Small Copper

Oh, and remember those 100 Orange Tip eggs I counted on May 7th?

7.5.11 Orange Tip eggs

Well, they’re well on their way to being next year’s butterflies!

28.5.11 Orange Tip caterpillar and eggs



Well, I arrived back from Virginia nearly a week ago. On my trip I saw new birds (I LOVE the grackles!!!), new butterflies (12 species, woop woop) and new people (best thing of all!!)

I was at the caravan at the weekend – saw my first-of-year Small Coppers and Réal’s Wood Whites in Murlough on Sunday, then on Monday my first-of-year Large Whites and Holly Blues in Donard Forest – and the highlight: one Green Hairstreak, which I’ve never seen before. That’s my 22nd NI species!

And I’ve got GCSEs over the next few months so I’ll sign off now unless something else fantastic happens. I’ll upload more luvverly butterfly photos this summer.