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The darling buds of may

Hawthorn flowers, Glencairn Park, 19 Feb 2013

This kind of may! The hawthorn bushes begin to bud and bloom

A fresh, sunny, hazy afternoon walk in Glencairn Park yesterday left me feeling a bit more springish. A lot of trees and shrubs were putting out leaves, and some flowers, like this hawthorn. [Update: no, it’s blackthorn.] May [Update: not May], but no nuts to collect for quite a while. (Not that I generally go collecting nuts, but still…)

Daffodilism was well underway…

Woodland daffodils, Glencairn Park, 19 Feb 2013

Daffodils spring up in the woodland, catching the afternoon sun

…and moss was beginning its conquest of every nook and cranny…

Moss shoots on tree, Glencairn Park, 19 Feb 2013

Moss begins to spring from the nook of a tree

…purple, white and yellow crocuses were adding a splash of brillig…

Crocuses, Glencairn Park, 19 Feb 2013

The perfect waxy petals of crocuses start to colour Glencairn Park

…and I noticed some strange features on one of the more permanent woodland residents.

Interesting tree, Glencairn Park

A warty, weird bit of woodland woodwork

The chaffinches were singing, greenfinches were once again garnishing the auditory experience with their reassuring zhewwwwwwwwwww, their numbers evidently recovering from the “tricks” epidemic. Even a treecreeper, which doesn’t usually draw attention to itself, was singing a high-pitched, wavering trill from a yew tree while blue tits pipped and chuckled and a dog walker explained to his friend that he didn’t [expletive] owe John ten quid.

And a song thrush sung its pick-and-mix, completely unpredictable, mockingbird warble.

That, folks, is the dawning of spring in Belfast. 🙂

Treecreeper and song thrush make the year list…
2013 BIRDS: 48


Happy New Year!



The wallflower is flowering by the wall, the daffodils and tulips are shooting up, and the days are starting to get longer.

So by my definition, spring is underway! Hope this picture conveys a sense of the rich, joyful energy of new life bursting forth.

(Life which includes moths!!! I’ve had the trap out for the past few nights, as it’s been mild, and caught nothing, but I’ll keep trying – there are some species flying at this time of year.)

I’m looking forward to all the experiences 2013 will bring – one of which is (hopefully) university! Another thing I’m looking forward to is not spending my summer watching terns through a telescope! (Don’t ask.)

I wonder if 2013 can be any more moth-tastic than was 2012 – my moth year list came to 273 species!! I have, amongst others, Catherine Bertrand, Andrew Crory and Ted Rolston to thank for some memorable mothy moments. Hopefully it’ll be better on the butterfly front this year – nationally last year was quite poor for butterflies, and I didn’t see as many as usual myself.

I learned some lessons in 2012 too. Like, when you open your mind to new ideas and perspectives, a whole truckload of bs falls in along with the gold dust you’re after. (I’ll say no more.) There were plenty more lessons – some I haven’t unwrapped yet.

Anyway, you can expect more sporadic, spontaneous, randomsocks writing from The Caterpillar in 2013! (Including the return of The Planets!)