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Common Blue (female); Kinnegar Bay; 16 Jul 2012

A female Common Blue enjoying a nice drink from a birds-foot trefoil flower.

Small Tortoiseshell; Kinnegar Bay; 16 Jul 2012

The charismatic Small Tort.

Beautiful Golden Y; Springmartin; 17 Jul 2012

And finally, one from last night’s moth trap: a Beautiful Golden Y.


Common Blue aberration at Murlough

Ahh, Murlough, Sunday, 14 August, 2011.

Ahh, a Common Blue.

A perfectly normal male Common Blue.

At first glance that is.

14JUL11 Common Blue aberration

But hang on a mo!

14AUG11 Common Blue aberration

All the orange spots on his wings are missing!

14AUG11 Common Blue aberration

Compare this with a normal male Common Blue (the one on the left). I would say his black spots are reduced in size also.

26.7.10 Common Blues, mating

I tried to find the scientific term in the Cockayne collection but either it’s not there or I missed it.

Any ideas anyone?

Common Blue and Common Frog

25JUN11 Common Blue

25JUN11 Common Frog

I found one lone male Common Blue – my 16th species – flying in Murlough at the weekend, getting into aerial dogfights with the Small Heaths. And then out of the undergrowth popped this little fella. He’s Ireland’s only frog, and he very graciously allowed me to snap him.

That afternoon I went a walk with my mum on Tipperary Lane in Newcastle, right up into Tollymore Forest, where I saw Mister Seventeen, a male Meadow Brown. My camera had run out of battery at this stage but I’m sure there’ll be no shortage of photo opps this summer!

The next morning I got up at an ungodly hour to go dusking (searching for moths) in Murlough. I found two of these beautiful Buff Ermines buzzing around kind of crazily.

26JUN11 Buff Ermine26JUN11 Buff Ermine

That’s a first for the year, as was The Clay. Familiar customers were the Yellow Shell, Large Yellow Underwing, Double-striped Pug and Cinnabar.

2011 MOTHS: 49