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The Planets #3

"Look, Moon. I can't help it if I have fleas."

The Planets #2


I know these are coming very slowly. The reason being that I’m also publishing them in our school science newsletter, Hippocampus… which is a biannual publication! What’s more, I have to be in school to use Photoshop, so I won’t be doing any in colour over the summer.

You can read articles written by my friends and I in the hot-off-the-keyboard second edition, on the school website here.

The Planets #1

Samuel Millar's The Planets #1

Well, it’s obvious!!!

Say hello to The Planets!

This is a comic strip series that I’ve been working on for quite a while – at least two years. I draw the cartoons in notebooks and they provide myself  (and my classmates) with a bit of entertainment. The setting is our solar system, at any point in history that is convenient to the strip! The characters, of course, are the planets – and their moons – and asteroids – and occasionally comets and stars – plus the obvious central character that is The Sun. The jokes tend to range from scientific to just plain fun.

This cartoon is the first I’ve actually published – primarily in the first edition of the school Science Department’s newsletter, “Hippocampus”, which my friends and I put together on the suggestion of our Head of Chemistry, Mr Johnston. It’s also the first one I’ve done photoshopping on, and I’m quite pleased with the result.

I’ll be posting the next installment when the next edition is published… probably in a few months! Or I might do one before then. I’ll see.