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The Planets #3


How to Catch a Grayling

Frollicking with one of Northern Ireland’s most entertaining butterflies, in good old Murlough NNR! Do turn the quality up (gear symbol on toolbar).

This is what happened when I decided to stand for two minutes on a Grayling butterfly’s territory. We had fun.

May I be random?


Known variously as the Triple-barred Argent or Juniper Ermine Moth… or the Golden Zebra 🙂

I will start here and keep doing this until I run out of micros or until I get nabbed for Epic Smiley copyright violation!!! I did take the photo though.

If I get round to it, I’ve one final rearing release to write about, as well as some very cool tern stuff from the bursary placement I’m doing at the RSPB. Not to mention some very cool moths that have been showing up in my graden trap!

Made in USA – Caution!


Knowing how many American folk read this blog, I’d better not make any smart remarks. But I’m tempted!

Found this label on our swivelling armchair. Classic.

"Look, Moon. I can't help it if I have fleas."

The Planets #2


I know these are coming very slowly. The reason being that I’m also publishing them in our school science newsletter, Hippocampus… which is a biannual publication! What’s more, I have to be in school to use Photoshop, so I won’t be doing any in colour over the summer.

You can read articles written by my friends and I in the hot-off-the-keyboard second edition, on the school website here.

Stupid Signage 1

Stupid Signage 1 - Fox Moth Catapillar

yay catapillar woohoo lets al speil like five yeer olds

There was one other thing I saw in Peatlands Park today: this weatherbeaten information board designed by someone who couldn’t spell “caterpillar”. C’mon Peatlands, you can do better than that!

I have another Stupid Signage from my living room lined up, so this might turn into a little series – yay! But I’m promised myself to do at least one nature post between every post that takes the excret out of life, labels or signposts.

Thought for the Day 2, by Mark Twain

Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society.

Thought for the Day 2

Anyone who regularly walks down Queen Street in Belfast City Centre will realise I pinched this from the “High and Mighty” shop window. I realised I’m not going to be able to think up an original TFTD on a regular basis, so I’ll basically typeset humorous quotations and insert my own “Reverend Pineapple” thoughts if and when they come!!!

Eating cheesecake after dinner should help.

Taking advantage

This is a photo of some seagulls. SEAGULLS, I SAY.

Lately I’ve noticed that the most popular post on this blog has been “The next best thing to a Long-tailed Duck“.

What a nice pattern.

I would be overjoyed to know that people are finally taking an interest in Long-tailed Ducks.

Epileptics beware.

Although there is the very slight possibility…

This is the most interesting thing I saw today.



2012 TITANORAKS: 1.8 million

Thought for the Day 1

Trying to figure out the Meaning of Life is like trying to ascertain the square root of a goldfish. It's the wrong question.

Thought for the Day 1

This could be fun.

The Planets #1

Samuel Millar's The Planets #1

Well, it’s obvious!!!

Say hello to The Planets!

This is a comic strip series that I’ve been working on for quite a while – at least two years. I draw the cartoons in notebooks and they provide myself  (and my classmates) with a bit of entertainment. The setting is our solar system, at any point in history that is convenient to the strip! The characters, of course, are the planets – and their moons – and asteroids – and occasionally comets and stars – plus the obvious central character that is The Sun. The jokes tend to range from scientific to just plain fun.

This cartoon is the first I’ve actually published – primarily in the first edition of the school Science Department’s newsletter, “Hippocampus”, which my friends and I put together on the suggestion of our Head of Chemistry, Mr Johnston. It’s also the first one I’ve done photoshopping on, and I’m quite pleased with the result.

I’ll be posting the next installment when the next edition is published… probably in a few months! Or I might do one before then. I’ll see.