Samsung WB-100  Sam's Lepidoptera Log - preview

I’m excited!

I’d been gradually becoming aware that, just as it used to happen with shoes, I was growing out of my Olympus X-44 and could use something a bit more powerful. I realised that, as it had turned out, I’d been getting a new camera every two calendar years, and was “due” one this year. So I left the world of compact digital photography behind, and reserved a Samsung WB-100 at Argos at an affordable price.

At home in my bedroom, as I was getting to grips with the camera, a beautiful goldfinch appeared at the garden feeders, the perfect subject to try out my 26x zoom on, and incidentally the first goldfinch that we have ever seen stay in our garden for any substantial length of time. (God likes to show off!)


I am very much looking forward to using the camera on my trip to Switzerland, God willing.

Now, this new blog. First, I’ll tell you what it isn’t – it isn’t the replacement of “The Caterpillar”!!! The “Lepidoptera Log” is going to be pure moth mayhem: I’ll be posting moth and butterfly records from moth trapping, leafmine searches, dusking and hopefully much more!  On Blogger I can post moth sightings with much less hassle than on WordPress, and it will mean that “The Caterpillar” isn’t flooded with moth lists!  Blogger is much easier to use and I can apply a theme I really like. It’s also where most moth-ers blog, so I’ll be much more connected.

Whereas on WordPress, I’ll stay connected to you readers with a general interest in nature and photography! And now that I have the capability of photographing birds at long distance, there’ll be more of them around here all being well.

You can follow the Log at

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