The internet’s very quiet about what happened on Friday.

Zebra spider, 25 June 2011

Every end precedes a new beginning – ask this zebra spider!

There wasn’t a massive solar flare.
The Earth didn’t get battered up by a rogue planet called Nibiru.
There were no spectacular planetary or stellar alignments.
And there definitely wasn’t a sudden global “awakening”.

Plenty of people did a Chicken Little and lost their heads, while the Mayans celebrated the new baktun, the Prime Minister played table football on a visit to Afghanistan, and the US Food and Drugs Administration approved a genetically modified salmon for sale in stores.

A pretty average day at the zoo, on the surface anyway.

Have a peaceful time with your families this Christ-mass, and take time to remember, muse on and give thanks for the massive act of Love 2000 years ago that changed humanity forever.