This is just a selection…

1. Discoveries

(Specifically, discoveries of the Moth Kind.)

Especially this teeny-tiny moth called Elachista rufocinerea which, my sources tell me, has never been recorded in Murlough before. You see, it’s worth bringing a camera and a magnifying glass on a walk. You never know what new things you might discover.

Elachista rufocinerea, Murlough, 6 May 2012

Proof that even micro-moths can be beautiful.
Oh wait, I still have to convince my friends that INSECTS IN GENERAL can be beautiful… 🙂

This from my Sunday morning walk in Murlough National Nature Reserve, County Down.

Elachista rufocinerea (Red-brindled Dwarf) brings my moth lists to
2012 MOTHS: 10

UPDATE 22 May: Turns out our regional Micro-moth Recorder John beat me to it by a week – he added this along with 3 others to the Murlough List on the night of 29 Apr, bringing the List to 460 species! Well done John! 

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