Peatlands Park, Dungannon, Co. Armagh

Peatlands Park

Today my mum and dad took me to Peatlands Park for the Butterfly Conservation NI Recorders’ Day. The speakers were brilliant, the seats were gluteus-numbing, and the news was positive: conservation efforts are having measurable impacts, halting declines of several rare species, especially in the south of England. It gives us up here in Nornia some motivation to expand and expand and expand.

It was great to meet and talk to people too.

The weather was entirely non-lepidopterous: the Emperor Moths which should be around on every bog in the country were nowhere to be seen, and a walk with Ian Rippey after the meeting yielded no Holly Blues or Green Hairstreaks.

But we did see extraordinary pitcher plants…

Pitcher plants, Peatlands Park

Feed me, Seamour! FEED ME!

…a flock of mallard chicks that was completely off the cute scale…

Mallard chicks, Peatlands Park, 21 Apr 2012

Innocence incarnate.

Mallard chicks, Peatlands Park, 21 Apr 2012

Beyond cute.

…and of course the usual: several old Stigmella aurella leaf mines, which I won’t show a photo of.