I’m aware that I haven’t been doing any astronomy posts lately – either because I don’t have anything to write about or because I can’t be bothered.

More likely the latter.

But I did a quick search and found a blog that gives monthly forecasts on sky events: Sky-Watching.

Events for April 2012 are at

Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn can all be seen in the evening sky (from western to eastern horizon respectively). There is also a reasonably good meteor shower this month: the Lyrids. If you get a clear sky on the night of Saturday 21, take half an hour to look up. It’s a good opportunity to see a ‘shooting star’ if you’ve never seen one before!

Actually… I have been taking the odd photo of the sky. If you missed the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter last month… well, so did I thanks to cloud. But here’s a photo of what the planets looked like a few weeks before. Jupiter (top left) gradually moved down and to the right as the evenings progressed, while Venus kind of did a U-turn, and they met in the middle.

Jupiter, Venus and the Moon, 24 Feb 2012

Jupiter, Venus and the Moon, 24 Feb 2012

Currently Jupiter is quite low in the western sky in the evening, but Venus is still high and dry.