(UPDATE 21 Mar 2012: see below)

I checked on my overwintering pupae today. “Pippin”, the caterpillar-cum-pupa I was really looking forward to seeing has swelled up because the soil was too wet. There’s a pocket of fluid surounding the tissues inside the case. I’ve changed the soil in case there’s the slightest chance the swelling will go down and it’ll be OK, but I expect the worst. I’ll probably never know what it was. The Flame Carpet hasn’t made it either, for the opposite reason – it’s dried out. So remaining are two Cinnabars, two Buff Ermines, and the unidentified “Green Looper” pupa.


(21 Mar: Panic over, the pupa is OK – it responded to touch today by wiggling slightly. Project 17A back in action.)

Species study 17, project A: unidentified Noctuid