Oops, I misspelt the title. Or maybe I didn’t.

My DIY Moth Trap

My DIY Moth Trap

I was working on my DIY moth trap ’til the early hours last night, and I’ve nearly got it finished. Just some sealing and screwing to do, plus the installation of a drainage hole.

Last Sunday was more of a Mothing Sunday for me – after our family gathering at the caravan I went into Murlough for half an hour’s moth hunting. I wasn’t expecting to see anything so I hadn’t brought my net. All I had was a plastic ziplock bag, which was absolutely useless for capturing the respectably-sized Geometrid that was fluttering over the grass. WRAAAAAGH! I’ll never know what it was.

Then a plume moth showed up. My only available tactic was to bat the insect gently from above until it went to ground. It worked – and there was my first Emmelina monodactyla (Common Plume) of the year, climbing up the grass stems and zipping off.

Some little papillons de nuit further on received similar treatment, and this time one stayed still on grounding. Say hi to the Double-striped Pug!

Double-striped Pug, 11 March 2012

Double-striped Pug

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