Unidentified leaf mine in Buttercup species

Unidentified leaf mine in Buttercup. This one is NOT literate.

Several small species of moth and fly spend their larval stage eating their way through the mesophyll (middle layer) of a leaf. This causes a white wiggly line to appear on the leaf which gets progressively larger as the larva grows.

I’ve had the beginnings of an interest in leaf mines since I watched a video made by my fellow Nornian lepidopterist Dave McCormick. Unfortunately my firewall doesn’t like his site at the moment so I can’t get the exact link to the video, but here’s the main page:


I came across this rather cool link on Butterfly Conservation’s Twitter page just now, which is what gave me the excuse to write a post. You’ll see what I mean by ‘literate’…


UPDATE 28 Feb 2012: I managed to find Dave’s leafmine video: