Small Tortoiseshells in love, 08 Apr 2011

April Fools came early this year.

Just kidding!

(How’s that for advertising? I should be on Google Ads selling cosmetics!)

It’s been a reasonably mild winter, yes, but not mild enough to bring out any butterflies yet. We won’t see scenes like this till about April. But daffodils and crocuses are blooming, blackbirds and dunnocks are singing, and overall it feels so springlike that I could believe winter never really happened at all.

This maybe because I’ve become a birdwatcher as well as a butterfly lover, so I’m not suffering from withdrawal symptoms this time round.

Or it may be because I’ve been so busy with five AS modules that I haven’t noticed winter skulking past.

Speaking of which, I did my last January module today: a reasonably straightforward Mechanics paper involving an inclined plane, a basket of flowers, three spheres, and a particle P, whose displacement s at time t was given by s = t^(4)/4 – 4t^(3).