Sorry, no photos today. 😦

I went to count the birds at Springfield Lake after my first day back at school today. I was greeted by a nice sunset, coots, moorhens, mallards, mute swans, … and a juvenile male Goldeneye duck!

He was very like a Tufty duck except for the sharply-defined white oval under his eye, which was what caught mine. I was quite close to him, in the narrow east end of the lake, and although he was a bit wary he stayed, allowing me to get a good sketch of his features.

Accompanying him were 6 other more regular species which I was seeing for the first time this year, including the surprisingly small Song Thrush. One skulked by the path while another was melodiously warbling in the young woodland behind between the lake and the Tech. I wondered why it instantly made me think of America, but I’ve just realised how similar it sounded to the Mockingbird we found singing from atop a lamppost by the Reflecting Pools in central Washington DC, last April.

So this luvaduck, the pseudo-yanks and their friends brought my year’s bird total so far to…


life list BRITISH BIRDS: 111