29Nov11 Black-headed Gull (adult winter) at the Lagan Weir

For the past few weeks a female Long-tailed Duck has been frequenting the Lagan Weir in central Belfast, along with a Kingfisher kingfishing off the pontoons. See NI Birding and NI Birds.

I went down there last Tuesday afternoon to try and find them. (The duck would be a new species for me, and the kingfisher a new tick for the year.) I had a nice time watching black-headed gulls under a clear blue sky (the one in the picture seemed fascinated with little eddies at the side of the weir, and was oblivious to the huge ceramic fish creeping up on him) but I didn’t see any duck or coraciiform of any kind.

But I got a cracker shot of Nula With The Hula (otherwise known as the Lady of Thanksgiving, my favourite sculpture in the entire country).

Lady of Thanksgiving

I mentioned in my post two Sundays ago that our family missed the evening Murmuration of starlings at their roost under the Albert Bridge (just upriver from the weir). Well, a few days later I trotted down the street after school, and rounding the Waterfront Hall saw a



                  stormcloud of starlings…

… but I will leave that story for another day, when I have the sense to bring a camera.

I’ll say this much: it was amazing…

Albert Bridge, Belfast. Not a starling to be seen, but you could certainly hear them.