Well I finally got my moth records for the year off to BCNI, which has given me a spurt of energy to do a bit of blogging.

My life’s British bird list reached 109 today with a lovely pair of Red-breasted Mergansers at Cultra. Pity they weren’t closer in to shore and in better light, but hey, I’m bound to see them again some time. Also present were a raft of 16 Eiders, males and females, another recent addition to my list when I first saw a pair of them in the same location a few weeks ago. Plus a flock of 15 Curlews, and 6 Brents feeding at the shore.

The light was apalling and no decent shots were acquired.

Our family then headed to the Albert Bridge to try and catch the evening  Murmuration but all we got was a cacophony of noise from the starlings which had beaten us to the bridge in the fading light and were all out of sight. Plus two juvenile Tysties (black guillemots) and a humungous woodlouse the size of someone’s big toe.

As it was almost dark, no decent photos were acquired – again.

At which point I shall have to insert a photo of a rather attractive grasshopper to stave off the visual boredom.


Going back over my bird lists recently I realised that not only had I miscounted my birds but left two out, so I was 4 species richer than I had thought! So the Dipper I mentioned in the Purple Hairstreak post was my 103rd, not my 99th. Do I want to bore my readers with my life’s bird list? Oh, go on then.

#99 Ruff (in non-breeding plumage, which means I’d never have identified it without the help of the birders at the Harbour Reserve Hide)
#100 Bar-tailed Godwit (is that the red one?)
#101 Snipe
#102 Wilson’s Phalarope (a juvenile at the Harbour, the only bird I’ve ever ‘twitched’)
#103 Dipper (dipping)
#104 Sanderling (on sand)
#105 Spawk (eating a pigeon alive. I was going to do a blog post but I was lazy and just wrote about it in the description box on Flickr)


#106 Linnet (linnetting)
#107 Shag (STOP!)
#108 Eider (way)
#109 Red-breasted Merganser (hey)

I was even starting to bore myself there. It’s much nicer when you’re standing looking at the thing.