Nature has bejazzled me again. After school n Wednesday I took advantage of our Indian summer to take a tour of Glencairn Park and Wolfhill Road.

The Small Torts were feeding up on thistle nectar, the Speckies were going about their business, and one lone Red Admiral flew over my head while I was watching the swallows head south.

And then, just at the point where Forth River crosses Wolfhill Road (and deprives the latter of any serious claim to its title), I found the dragonfly.

28Sep11 Common Darter dragonfly

Basking in the afternoon sun, it was a male Common Darter. Small by dragonfly standards – but then dragonfly standards are biiiiig. I carefully crouched and approached to take a shot, and as I expected it flew up when I got too close.

I didn’t expect what happened next.

I turned to find the dragonfly hovering in the air a matter of inches away, inspecting me. It turned slightly left – then right. Then it landed on the shoulder of my white shirt – just for a moment… I cautiously raised my fist up to it… and with incomparable ease it shifted itself through the air to land delicately on the back of my finger.

28Sep11 Common Darter dragonfly

How do you describe that? I was standing in wet grass, in the middle of nowhere, with a dragonfly on my hand. Standing there, just sharing a blissful moment with a dragonfly, ogling its amazingness while it enjoyed the warmth of the sun and my hand. It licked its lips and shifted slightly, hardly even gripping my finger, just balancing, while I slowly moved my camera into position and recorded for posterity the most wonderful moment of my summer.

Forget the science. Moments of synchronicity like that are to be treasured, not catalogued – they are the nodes where life is held together.