07Jul11 Single-dotted Wave

06Aug11 Small Fan-footed Wave

As summer comes to a close, the hectic pace of butterfly and moth chasing gives way to the gentle appreciation of the year’s bounty that can be enjoyed at harvest time. And what better way to savour the fruit than to post a few nice photos now and then for people to enjoy.

I’ve enjoyed the company of the Single-dotted Wave and Small Fan-footed Wave this summer, both new species for me. If I remember correctly, they breed on low-growing plants. The Wave moths might not be particularly brightly-coloured, but it’s well worth looking closely to see their intricate lace-like wing patterns. In case you’re wondering – yes, the Single-dot IS on a Tayto crisp packet. I brought him indoors for a photo shoot in the kitchen and he flew off into a corner to hide. The biggest most fattest most important piece of advice in insect photography is: go verrrrrrrrrrrry slowly.