There are caterpillars.

And then there are big caterpillars.

21Aug11 Emperor Moth caterpillar

21Aug11 Emperor Moth caterpillar

This is one Fully Grown Emperor Moth Caterpillar, Discovered while Walking with Family in the Mournes, Just Behind Slieve Loughshannagh. (And no, the purple nail varnish is not mine.) This was one slooooowwww caterpillar. He must be saving his energy for avoiding my butterfly net next spring.

As an aside, I have about 5 different species of caterpillar in my back yard which I’m keeping an eye on and which will hopefully appear on the blog in due (or ridiculously late, like 2033) course: Buff Ermines, Large Whites, unidentified loopers, and unidentified micros.

In other news, I saw my 100th British bird at the weekend: the Little Stint.