Everything’s happening! The first piece of news is that yesterday I saw 30 Ringlets in one field in Glencairn Park, near my house in Belfast! That’s my 15th butterfly species – and I thought I’d caught up with Richella Duggan (www.butterflyblog2011.com) until I looked today and saw she’d grabbed 4 more species!

In other news, I have about 4 caterpillar projects going on at the minute, some of which I mentioned in a previous entry:

  • My two Garden Tiger caterpillars (Ferrari and Maclaren) are still gorging themselves on dandelion leaves…
  • My Ruby Tiger (Ron) pupated on Wednesday, 3 days after spinning the cocoon…
  • My Cinnabar eggs have all hatched this morning!!! There’s at least 20 of them – I won’t be alble to count them properly until they’ve grown a bit as they’re so tiny that I can’t handle them…
  • And on top of all that there’s an egg on my apple sapling (Seth) that looks about to hatch. The brown head of the caterpillar is visible through the eggshell, so it could well be Diurnea fagella, like the pupa I overwintered recently.

And today (or tomorrow)  I’m off to Murlough to try and find a Common Blue and a Meadow Brown and with an extreme amount of good fortune, our regular migrants The Admiral And Lady. My dad (God bless him) got me a new camera since my old one packed in, so I’ll be trying it out this weekend.

I’ve got some BEAUTIFUL photos of the Cinnabar eggs so I’ll be updating this blog as soon as I can get them on the computer.


UPDATE: Foties!!!!

Species study 2, project B: Ruby Tiger (Phragmatobia fuliginosa)
Species study 5, project B: Garden Tiger (Arctia caja)
Species study 15, project A: Cinnabar (Tyria jacobaeae)