My GCSEs ended today with an exam on Philosophy of Religion. Not exactly ending on a bang. But my GCSE Physics did end on a bang, literally – the last word I wrote was ‘Bang’! Lovely word, ‘bang’…

So now it’s summer. And apart from a mountaineering trip to Skye, volunteering, dusking for moths, chasing butterflies, birdwatching, stargazing, reading, drawing cartoons, running… I really don’t know what I’m gonna do!

So far this year, I’ve seen 14 species of butterfly – and all of them earlier than last year. My run of early sightings has come to an end though – I haven’t seen the adult Dark Green Frit yet, and it was 13 Jun I saw it last year. But the moths have been something else! I’ve seen 43 species so far this year, including 16 new species. And I guess they really do deserve to get their bakes posted!

You can hover over the pics to see the names – all of them are from my garden except the Treble-bar – a Murlough day-flier. All of these and many more will be in gardens across the nation tonight – why not have a look?

2011 MOTHS: 43