This Tuesday the UK will wake to the best solar eclipse since 1999.

A large part of the sun’s face will be covered by the moon as it rises over southern Britain. London will see maximum eclipse around the time of sunrise.

But by sun-up over my patch, Northern Ireland, only a small portion will be covered. I’m crying my eyes out, inside.

And please, don’t stare at it, you’ll wreck your eyes. Google a live internet feed or watch the news – or project the sun’s image using a pinhole in a cardboard box. For the best view, project it using binoculars or use a specially designed solar telescope but for heaven’s sake DON’T look at the sun through binoculars or you’ll really mess up your eyes!

Other than that, enjoy it. Oh, and pray it’s not cloudy.

UPDATE 2.1.11: Well, the forecast for Belfast is Grey Cloud. Woo, hoo.

UPDATE 4.1.11: Yes, it was cloudy here. But check out Stargazing Live on BBC2 at 8pm tonight to see some pics.


And by the way,