Well, I saw Venus appear from behind the Moon this evening, while Jupiter looked on, a thumbwidth above. (Another conjunction was happening, actually, between Jupiter’s moons Ganymede and Io. They appeared as one bright speck to the left of the planet.) 
   The moon is moving away now but Jupiter and Venus are still a beautiful pair. I will be sharing photos of this – they’re beautiful! I observed from the Quad, then Tesco Ballygomartin, with my telescope, the binoculars and my dad’s camera.
The next big thing on the agenda is two triple conjunctions at the end of the month. Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon will twinkle together low in the evening sky, while Venus goes on to meet with the faintest planet, Neptune; then the Moon catches up. More details to follow – watch this space!
Last night I saw my first comet! C/2006 W3 Christensen is currently the third brightest in the sky; which says a lot about the brightness of comets in general – I needed my telescope to see it! It just looked like a star but if I had observed it tonight, I would have seen it had moved quite a distance.
I am also thinking of allowing the whole web access to my space – could I have feedback on this? Also, can I hide my ‘friends’ from the public eye?
Keep an eye to the sky and an eye to the blog,