If anybody’s wondering if there’s any comets about this weather, the answer is: yes, there always is, but they are usually faint.
And the comets about this weather are faint, but if you have a telescope you can see them if you know where to look.
I have listed here the brightest ones (the magnitude (brightness) scale is: smaller number = brighter).
Comet                        Magnitude (equipment)  Trend             Visible NI? When?
  • Lulin (2007 N3)         7.5 (good binoculars)   brightening      Too close to Sun
  • McNaught (2008 A1)      8.5 (telescope)         fading            yes, evening
  • Christensen (2006 W3)   10 (telescope)          brightening       yes, all night
  • 6P/d’Arrest             10  (telescope)         fading            no
  • Broughton (2006 OF2)    10.5 (telescope)        steady            yes, all night
  • LINEAR (2007 G1)        11.5 (telescope)        steady            Too close to Sun
  • Boattini (2008 J1)      12  (telescope)         fading            yes, all night
  • 144P/Kushida            12.5 (telescope)        brightening      yes, best in evening

Source: http://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/~jds/ (Britist Astronomical Association, Comet section) Visit this website for more info.